SMA 26th FAQ


Voting period : Fri. November 25, 2016 – Tue. January 17, 2017
Method of voting : You can vote up to 10 times a day for each category.


Thus, for Main Award, voting is worth 30% (50% Korean voting, 50% International voting)

More information can be found at: SMA Website

Note: Currently only Korean Voting through Android devices are available. SMA website says voting will be available for iOS devices but TBA.

Furthermore, in regards to which category to vote on. We ask Starlights to vote for Main Award. This year’s SMA, it is hard to earn free votes, so we will focus on Main Award.

Voting resets at 24:00 KST everyday so get your votes in before that time to count for that day!

SMA 26th Android KR Voting

How to Sign up/ Login
How to Login/ Sign up

1. This is the first page you see when you open the app. Choose your preferred notifications settings.

SMA Sign up 1

2. Click on three dots on the bottom right to go to Signup/Login page

SMA Signup 2

3. Click Login

Sma signup 3

4. Sign up with Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

Note: For guest login, points are not saved as you cannot log back into the same account after logging out.

Sma signup 4

5. If you choose Twitter, click Allow to allow app access.

Sma signup 5

6. You can choose either to allow or not allow access for email address

Sma signup 6

7. Check all and go to next page

Sma signup 7

8. Choose nickname and click OK

Sma signup 8

9. You are now logged in

Sma signup 9

How to Logout

To logout, click the door icon next to your nickname

Sma signup 10

How to Charge Coins
How to Charge Coins

1. Click on the Cart icon

Sma charge vote 1

2. It will lead to charge points options page.

Sma charge vote 2

1) Fast Charge – Install Sponsor app

On fast charge page, there are 3 different options to charge points.

(1) 설치형 – Simply install the app to gain points

(2) 실청형 – Open the installed app to gain points

(3) 엑션형 – Actions required to gain points


Choose the app you want to install. Click on pink tab to go to Google play and install app.

Sma charge vote 5

Go back to SMA app and check that you have gained the coins.

Click on the app tab again. This message indicates that the app has been installed.


2) Mission Charge – Daily check-in/Mini game

  • Daily Check-in (10C)

Go to Mission Charge. Choose your preferred app for Daily Check-In.

Sma charge point 4

Click on pink tab at the bottom to get stamp.


You have received 10 coins from app check-in. Check-in daily to gain more coins. Repeat these steps on all apps.

One stamp per app per day per account


  • Mini Game (100C)

In the Mission charge tab, choose your preferred app to play Mini game


Game rule: Click Numbers 1~30.

You get 100 coins if you win.

If you click wrong number, the game will reset. If you lose 3 times, you will only get 10 coins.

Update: Mini games can be played 3 times per sponsor app. Total 7 apps = 21 games can be played per account.

Click Start to play game


You have successfully gained 100 coins from the mini game!


4) Purchase coins (points)

Pay via Google play In-app purchase

  • 1,000 KRW = 10 votes + 1 vote
  • 3,000 KRW = 30 votes + 5 votes
  • 5,000 KRW = 50 votes + 8 votes
  • 10,000 KRW = 100 votes + 20 votes


How to Vote & Transfer Voting Tickets


We will only be voting for MAIN award

How to vote

1. Exchange coins to voting tickets. 100 coin = 1 voting ticket.


2. Click OK to get voting ticket.



3. Go back to the main page. Click on vote next to VIXX name.

Sma vote

4. Click OK.


You have successfully voted! Up 10 votes per day per ID allowed.


Click on the History tab to check voting history and exchanged coins.


How to transfer voting tickets

Click on the Gift tab. Enter the nickname of the receiver. Click Confirm and Send a Gift.

Download Center
We have a download center available for Android users:
SMA 26th Download Center

It is password protect to ensure that only Starlights are using it.

Hint for the password is:

Please do not share this.

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