VIXXSUPPORT received many questions regarding YouTube views & we understand Starlights are curious and confused so we’ve rounded up some frequently asked questions!

How are YouTube views collected?
YouTube collects video count data realtime and updates it to the owner’s dashboard every 5 seconds.
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But this does not mean that all views collected will count or are considered as real views, therefore “estimated views”. Other than this, YouTube also collects all data about your view, such as what volume you are watching it on, what IP address, what quality, etc. What they collect also depends on what device you use. For example: If you have a Nokia 3G basic phone. They can’t detect the volume/watch time, just only log, cookies and IP they got.
Why does the views freeze?
The views freezes because YouTube are still processing them. They are processing which views they collected are considered as spam and which views they considered are from real people. Below is a cute info-graphic from YouTube (c)
What are considered as ‘real views’?
YouTube has never released how they count views. If you look up how YouTube count their views, all you’ll get are theories about it and not from legitimate sources.

But we do get an idea of what they will likely count as views.

YouTube is famous for counting views they considered are from real people watching the video and not robots spamming the video. IP address is a way for YouTube to count people. IP address should be unique for everyone since it is used to identify your devices in the Internet. Every device should have their own IP address. “The IP address works like a return address on a piece of mail.” So whenever you are watching a video on YouTube, this address gets collected and sent to YouTube. Other than IP address, Cookies also gets collected and sent to YouTube. “A cookie is a small piece of text sent to your browser by a website you visit. It helps the website to remember information about your visit, like your preferred language and other settings”.

(c): &

How does IP address identify us?

IP address = real humans because you’ll have to connect to the Internet/WiFi. Robots can’t login to your device & connect your device to WiFi service or to the Internet nor can they purchase Internet services. It is like the Internet World is the real World and IP addresses are your actual addresses.

How are devices connected to the same Internet service/WiFi considered as unique?

Devices connected to the same modem/WiFi has their own IP address. The first sets of digits on the IP address will be similar but the last few will be slightly different.

For example:

Device 1’s IP address will be; Device 2’s IP address will be ; Device 3’s IP address will be; etc.

Let’s also use the Internet World = Real World example:

One house can have many people living in it but on the address label, there will be different names. One modem can have many devices connected to the network but the IP address is slightly different.

So what does YouTube considered as real views from your IP address?

When you first time view the FULL video, the chances of YouTube counting it as ‘real view’ is 100%. Real humans also tends to re-watch videos or watch it again with other people, so after viewing the video for the 1st time, how does YouTube count views after that? It is unknown what is the limit of YouTube registering as ‘real views’ from an IP address that is re-watching the same video in the same day. Some say 5, some say 10, some say 7, we don’t know. But there is of course a limit on how much YouTube will register as ‘real views’ on one video from an IP address on the same day. Not many humans will love a video so much that they will re-watch it 50 times on the same day from the same device. Thus if you ‘re-watch’ the same VIXX video 40 times in a day from the same IP address, not all 40 times will count.

What does Cookies have anything to do with YouTube views?

Cookies are placed by websites you visited so they remember you. When you visit the website the next time, your browser will send this cookie to that website. This way they can adjust ads and tailor your internet experience according to your preferences and remember what you did. Cookies are the reason why some websites remember your login details when you click on ‘save my password and ID’. They are also the reasons why you will see VIXX videos on recommended videos when you visit YouTube. Thus cookies will remember that you watched this video and help YouTube adjust their recommended list to accommodate your preferences.

Why do we have to watch at 720p and ≥50% volume?
You stream at 720p (along with other restrictions) because of Gaon Chart, the chart music shows collect information from to decide on weekly winner. Think of Gaon Chart as Billboard. Gaon chart collects video statistics from YouTube, including but not limited to the number of views the video gets. Gaon has their own criteria, and not all views will be reflected on their charts.

An article released in 2014, according to that article, it said that you need to watch the videos at 720p or 1080p quality, along with other factors, for the views to count for Gaon Chart statistics. Of course that was from a few years ago, many things might have changed so we had someone contact Gaon Charts about this issue (2015).

They replied, “We send various information to Music shows like MTV The Show, Music Core and Inkigayo. For YouTube views, we cannot disclose this information in order to protect our company’s security.”

Thus, we still continue to follow that 720p and ≥50% volume rule.

Below is the 2014 article mentioned:

2015-11-12 01;00;41
An article we had mentioned from 10asia (c) tenasia

How can I change my IP address?
You can refer to this tutorial:

How do I clear my cookies?

-If you are Google Chrome:

-If you are on Internet Explorer:

-If you are on Firefox:

-If you are on Safari:

-If you are on Opera:

How do I clear my history?

-Google Chrome:

-Internet Explorer:
Why should I use Incognito?

Incognito helps you delete your browsing and searching history and also clears any cookies that you picked up during your Incognito session.


In order to fully delete everything from your Incognito session, you have to CLOSE the whole Browser Window, if you close the tab, it won’t work, you have to close the whole Incognito browser window. If you aren’t sure if Incognito deleted all your history and cookies, just manually delete it yourself.

How do I use Incognito windows?

-Google Chrome:
Why can’t I just refresh the page?
Refreshing the page to watch the video might count as spam. This is due to the fact that there are bots that are created to auto refresh the video to spam views. YouTube might consider you refreshing countless times as spam even though you are not a bot. Thus, we don’t recommend you using auto-refresh tools to stream the video.

Why do we use Playlists?
There are many Playlists circulating around. We recommend the playlists with different videos in between the one you are streaming. Playlist is a way to help you persuade YouTube that you aren’t just watching that video but you are a normal person watching other videos on YouTube as well. So the chances of your views counting as spam is less vs. just refreshing. It is also there for those that doesn’t have time so you won’t have to manually look up the video, delete your history and cookies after watching it one time.
Should I use Ad Blocker?
Up to you if you want to use Ad Blocker or not, but we recommend not using because the one that has copyright over the video can get some money from the advertisement on the video so if you use Ad Blocker, they won’t get the money from the Ads.
How should we stream?
There are different ways you can stream, but the ways we recommend are:

-Use Incognito or normal window -> look up the video on Youtube -> watch the whole video 720p & 50% or higher volume-> close Incognito window or delete history and cookies and close normal window -> open normal window or Incognito window -> search the video up on Youtube ->watch it again -> repeat this 5-7 times -> delete history & cookies -> change IP -> repeat the whole process.

For those that doesn’t have the time to manually do that:

-Use Incognito or normal window -> Watch Playlist 720p & 50% or higher volume -> Close playlist after watching the Video you want to stream 5-7 times -> Close Incognito Window or delete History & Cookies & close normal window -> Switch IP -> repeat

Note: this is just a recommendation. Playlists are just an alternative if you don’t have time because it is also likely that you can get a bot to watch a playlist.
-You can download or add HD for YouTube extensions if you are scared that you are not streaming the mv on 720p but please be noted that it loads very slowly if you have poor Internet.

Note: Remember 720p is just Gaon Chart Recommendation

Chrome: HD for Youtube

-If you want to stream at work or at night, save a pair of broken earphones so you can stream at 50% or higher volume quietly.

Note: Since YouTube never released about how they count views, this is also our theory regarding how they might count views. We can’t give a 100% answer since no one knows, thus these are just theories. It might not be 100% but we have an estimation of what they might or might not count.

Hope this satisfies your curiosity, if not, feel free to read the Youtube code and call Gaon on your own. 🙂

If you are a YouTube expert you can contact us at @v_supportstaffs and talk about YouTube theory with our tech expert.

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