How to Search up VIXX & download songs

1. Click search icon [🔍]


2. Search for VIXX. Click on Album. Choose VIXX album you want to play.


3. Click the heart icon to like the album.

Click 전체해제 to select all songs in the album.

Click Play 재생 to add songs to the Now Playing list. Click Download 다운 to download.


How to find your downloads

1. To find your download contents, click on the 3 lines on top left corner.


2. Click My Music.


3. Click Storage


4. Click 저장한 콘텐츠 Content in the Device. 

STAFF TIP: 고매 목록 contains all the songs your account has purchased in the past. You can download songs on one device, then download them again with no charge on other device by going to that menu. Up to 2 devices per account.


5. You can listen to MP3 songs without wifi but note that this will not reflect in the charts. For tutorial on how to stream correctly, refer to How to edit playlist and stream correctly on MelOn tab.

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